About Us

We are producers of ornamental plants in container, from the smallest sizes, up to pots of 18 liters.
Our company was founded in 2000, but already from several years we had been working in the reproductive sector, from the seed to cutting and grafting.



The whole production is realized in our nursery by a competent, professional and qualified personnel, using the latest techniques that, over the years, we have industrialized at most, managing to achieve great numbers that allow us to offer attractive rates.
Our strength lies in the quality and homogeneity of the production, that is constantly monitored by specialized agronomists. In fact, depending on the species and the period, phytosanitary treatments are performed. These are integrated as much as possible with organic products that enable us to control the fungal and parasitic diseases and to get lovely and healthy plants.
Particular attention is given to the choice of substrates. While the smallest specimens are cultivated on raised pallets, for those in pots 24 – that is our major production - a container designed and patented by us is used. All this allow us to get an excellent root system development regardless the type of the underlying ground.
We also pay a lot of attention to pruning, from small measures to the final product, to always guarantee fine and homogeneous plants. Lastly, at the time of sale, these are selected one by one in order to maximum guarantee of the quality.

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